Family Adolescent Straight Talk we are committed to helping people move through difficult times in their personal lives. We know the resulting effect on all family members when an adult or adolescent is suffering from substance abuse, behavioural, emotional or legal problems.

We cannot express enough our thanks and that of many of our clients for the continued support we receive from our friends, sponsors, volunteers and our community. Without whom literally none of this would be possible!


A Little Can do a Lot…

We are appealing to Corporate, Service Clubs and the Public Sector for donations to assist us in making the following program’s available to families, adults, and adolescents by means of your financial contribution.

There is a growing concern within our community around the inadequate number of services available for our adults, youth and families. Being a proactive member of our community we take referrals from Probation and Parole, Community Police Diversion Program, Life Cycle Counseling, Parent Watch, Doctors, Lawyers, Families, Public Secondary Schools and Corporate referrals. We see a great need for programs to be offered to adults, youth and families, consisting of a valid and reliable assessment followed by a program which best fits their needs, whether it is:

  • educational
  • individual counseling
  • family
  • a series of group sessions facilitated by certified professionals.

Unfortunately, cutbacks in many of the social service areas and waiting lists at some agencies have forced our type of programs well down the list of priorities, or has forced decreasing the flexibility of hours and accessibility.

(F.A.S.T.) has developed programs for adults, adolescents and families. In order to continue to offer these services to a broad range of youth, adults and families, we strongly need your help. We truly believe that participants need to be responsible for their own well being, however, the philosophy of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) is such that there should be no charge for health-related services such as these.

F.A.S.T will issue receipts for tax purposes for all donations over $10.00. Our Charitable Number
is 86833 6173 RR0001.

If you require further information, please contact Susan Harkins at (F.A.S.T) 905-469-6338

For Donations: please make a cheque or money order made payable to:
Family Adolescent Straight Talk

Send it to:

F.A.S.T.1476 Speers Road, Unit 4A, Oakville, ON L6L 2X6