Drug abuse is ravaging the very fabric of North America at unprecedented rates. The damage, both personal and economic to the drug addict and those around them is nearly immeasurable. Family, friends, work associates, and just about anyone connected to a drug addict suffers. As such, with such excessive drug abuse occurring in our communities, there is a real need and demand for accurate and reliable drug information.

What are the warning signs of chemical dependency? How does the use of drugs progress from an occasional social event or experiment to addiction?

By learning how to spot the indicators of drug abuse by observing the mental and physical phenomena associated with specific or multiple drug use, the better equipped and educated a person will be in confronting and helping the drug addict seek timely and early treatment.

Please use this free drug information resource and educate yourself on the effects and dangers of the various drugs of abuse. Help make a difference, knowledge is power and power is what you need to help another break free from the scourges of drug abuse and addiction.

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Drugs: The Facts