Straight Talk features the frank testimonials of 19 teens with significant chemical dependency issues who range in age from 13-22. This is the straight story from young people who’ve been there.
This program includes three vides, approximately 30 minutes each:

Starting Early – covers preaddiction issues: home life, early school experiences, self-esteem in early childhood, special education placements.
Hitting Rock Bottom – addiction issues: drugs of choice, abusive relationships, sexual acting out, suicidality.
Getting Started – recovery issues: staying straight, coping with relapses, dealing with the past and regaining a vision for the future.

But it’s important to note here that Straight Talk is not just for teens with a history of addiction problems. It’s for all young people who live in a society in which everyone is affected by alcohol and drug abuse.
Straight Talk teens have been there and they’re fighting their way back. But the road to recovery is matted with potholes and it’s not an easy journey. This is their story.